Made in the USA

It used to mean something to state ‘made in the USA’, and we still think it does. RecordsOne provides onshore transcription that insures a level of PHI security and enforceability that offshoring cannot. Transcription is often thought of as a commodity that can be offshored, and many institutions have done so… until something goes wrong. A single breach eliminates years of savings, so why risk it?

Timely, accurate and secure transcription is critical to the quality of healthcare delivery and reimbursement. For many organizations it is becoming too difficult and too costly to recruit, train and retain a qualified medical transcriptionist team. Whether it’s time to outsource all or some of your organization’s medical transcription needs, you can easily tap into our pool of experienced, U.S. medical transcriptionists.

We have the people. We have the technology. We will not disappoint. white bubble doc bayscribe billboard

  • Management team exceeds 150 years in medical transcription
  • Hundreds of U.S. based transcriptionists protect your PHI like it’s theirs
  • No cause termination contracts to ensure you are completely satisfied

RecordsOne offers a secure and experienced workforce of medical transcriptionists – one that can scale and adapt to the growing needs of any organization, regardless of size and complexity. Our team of transcriptionists average over 15 years of experience, and our quality assurance team ensures the highest levels of satisfaction are met — in fact, over the last 10+ years accuracy has exceeded 98.6%. Integrated quality assurance tools ensure transcribed documents are returned well within TAT while maintaining industry-leading document quality.

RecordsOne is much more than a transcription services company, and we understand you need accurate documents quickly. If you are embarking on a clinical documentation improvement program, you cannot review documents that you don’t have back. RecordsOne allows your organization to reduce costs, increase physician satisfaction, and improve patient care. For organizations interested in improving the quality and efficiency of in-house transcription services, we offer BayScribe.