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We constantly hear from folks when we show them a demo of R1 — “you know, no one else is doing that”… So we thought we’d make a list of all the different items to make it easy for everyone else to know what we do — things that “they” can’t… It’s not an all inclusive list, and by no means does this apply to all our competitors, but you can ask yourself “does our tool do that” and make your own list. And then take it to your supervisor, and the Rev Cycle SVP and the CFO and get to work with some better tools from R1!

The List


Did you make it to 50%

How does your tool stack up!

  1. Case Prioritization
  2. Automated Case Escalation
  3. nCode — powered by IMO
  4. nSight Analytics — embedded business intelligence tools, powered by Birst
  5. Embedded Encoder & References — powered by TruCode
  6. NLP/CAC for all of the modules, not just coding
  7. Advanced Querying tools — your templates, your workflows… not ours
  8. Notes and Tips — interdepartmental transparency and communication tools
  9. DRG Reconciliation Tools
  10. Integrated CDI Pocket Guide (Dr. Richard Pinson and Cynthia Tang)

Take a closer look!

Case Prioritization is key to your efficiency. There is nothing that will improve your efficiency more than elevating the cases with the most opportunity and eliminating the cases that don’t need to be seen. Your rules, or ours… or a little of both. R1 works with you to create business rules that will drive higher levels of productivity through a greater number of appropriate reviews.
Case Escalation is key to your effectiveness. It’s not possible to manually track every change or nuance within every case. That’s what computers can do, 24x7. Your rules, or ours… or a little of both. R1 works with you to create business rules that will ensure that particular cases get moved into second-level review queues automatically, as needed.
The TruCode Embedded Encoder Essentials provides unprecedented efficiency within the R1 Platform. With a single click a user can see all of the Coding References available on any given ICD-10-CM code. DRG grouping is seamless and automatically with every selection or deselection of a code from the Dx or Px list. No need to delete unused codes… that’s just a silly waste of time.
nCode is the single easiest way for clinical folks (eg CDI nurses) to generate codes. Powered by IMO, the industry leader in terminology mapping, nurses can key in phrases like “s/p colectomy” and get the appropriate code right away where a codebook wouldn’t come up with a result. Even the savviest coders can code complex fractures in record time with nCode.
nSight Analytics provides dynamic visibility into your operations and KPI’s in ways that static reporting never will. A 100% Physician Response Rate may sound great at the highest level, but peel it back and see that 80% is “Clinically Undetermined” and the 100% is less exciting.
The Advanced Query Process in R1 allows facilities to utilize their own compliant query templates, invoke their own workflows and provide the optimal physician experience.
Notes and Tips allows for interdepartmental transparency, so CDI can communicate with Quality and Coding within the encounter, not via phone and email, so everything is accessible, trackable and reportable… it is just better!
DRG Reconciliation is a breeze in R1, and it’s reportable! No need to manage the pre-bill and post-bill Recon process on a spreadsheet. There is nothing automated about that method whatsoever. R1 provides reportable reconciliation information and notifies users when they need to respond to a mismatch.

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