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Create Data

Collaboration begins with structured data.

Collaboration in health care is as essential as the procedures themselves, and arguably just as important to creating a sustainable healthcare system.  Accountable Care, Value-based purchasing, Pay for Performance… how will we ever get there if we can’t share data whenever and wherever it is needed?

If 80 percent (roughly) of clinical information is still unstructured, how will providers that are still utilizing traditional documentation methods

going to be able to contribute valuable information in the collaboration process? (Answer: They’re probably not.)

And as a patient, how do you feel about decisions being made about your treatment happening in a vacuum — without all of your pertinent clinical information?  And as a facility, does that increase or decrease your risk?

We understand how critical collaboration is to optimizing quality care, efficiently and cost-effectively. Data is a key element that drives collaboration in clinical decision-making.

Most systems fail to extract usable information from the clinical narrative (text). As a result, facilities have incomplete data, and this lack of data creates gaps in information that could enable better collaboration. The domino effect trickles down through the organization impacting quality of care as well as reimbursement.

Our unique approach creates and uses clinical data from a variety of sources, including text, so that a comprehensive analysis can be performed by the various R1 modules enabling skilled staff to do their tasks better and faster.


Analyze Data


Analytics require data!

The R1 Platform is adept at analyzing patient information on the fly to enable better efficiency and productivity of your skilled staff.  Analyzing data is what computers, not people, excel at doing.  Computers work day and night, 24x7, without complaining or taking sick leave or PTO… why not use them for what they are designed to do?

In most healthcare institutions because there is no aggregated data, only free text, the data analysts are the folks in the HIM department. RecordsOne provides solutions to assist you in both creating data where there currently is none, namely from the free text within your reports where it’s estimated that 80% of the useful clinical information lives. In addition, the R1 Platform aggregates all of your clinical information into a single repository to conduct analytics, both concurrently and retrospectively.

The R1 Platform is a smarter way to approach aggregating and analyzing data — it’s the smart platform for health care.

Distribute Info

A single solution makes sense.

Why spend the time, money and resources to integrate disparate CAC and CDI products that will never work as well together as a singular solution? We designed the R1 Platform to address the needs of not only the CDS and Coders, but also the quality nurses, case managers and physicians.

We believe that improving the communication of those involved in the documentation process is a major factor in improving reimbursement. It doesn’t seem that everyone (meaning other vendors) feels similarly. Many EHR vendors have delayed or avoided making modifications to their workflows to accommodate the physician query process, so we built a better process around them.

Real challenges require real ‘solutions’ not just products.


RecordsOne builds affordable, scalable solutions for the dynamic needs of healthcare facilities for today, and tomorrow. We are proactive in creating solutions for the challenges you are facing right now, like ICD-10, and others you will be facing in the next 12-18 months, like Population Health.

When people say, you can’t have all three… affordability, scalability and reliability, they certainly are not referring to RecordsOne.


To us, affordability means that you can calculate the ROI on a napkin. If you need a big spreadsheet, it probably costs too much!


We believe that scalability means that you can have unlimited users and product modules without dedicating a rack of servers and an entire team of IT people to support it.


Lastly, reliability means that you are never,
ever down… EVER!

It also means that you can get timely updates without taking the system down for hours.

These are our definitions… what are yours?

And, what are your current vendor’s?

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