RecordsOne developed the R1 Platform to radically change the way health care creates and uses clinical information and data. The R1 Platform provides high-value, low-cost & low-risk solutions that enable case prioritization, clarity and integrity. If you’ve come to the realization that ‘there has to be a better way’ to solve your challenges in the ‘new world of health care’ — where government requirements change continually — and you remain tasked with optimizing clinical and financial outcomes, you’ve come to the right place!

No other platform allows health systems to aggregate all of their information from numerous, different EHR’s into a single platform, perform concurrent reviews — CDI, Coding, Quality & Audit — and analyze the data daily.


By far, the most prevalent challenge our clients face is case prioritization. In order to ensure complete and accurate clinical documentation, users need tools to identify opportunities for them.

Likewise, improving the quality of care in the near and long term requires that providers, staff and researchers have access to data concurrently.


It’s been said — correctly — you cannot improve what you cannot measure. It’s also been said, that if you didn’t document it, then it didn’t happen.

We say — how do you measure what’s been documented properly, and what hasn’t been, without the R1 Platform, our advanced nSights engine and Analytics, powered by Birst!


Reimbursement is more than just the dollars received for providing care; it’s also the monies spent on providing care, as well as those saved in providing the best possible tools.

Without the R1 platform, you’re swimming against the current… in a hurricane! To optimize clinical and financial outcomes in health care you need the best tools.





Days to ROI



Why We’re Different

RecordsOne provides highly-available healthcare solutions.  It’s impossible to provide high-quality care and get reimbursed appropriately without having affordable tools to stratify and analyze patient data. We provide these tools, and just like you, we expect them to be available 24x7x365 — no exceptions! Why should you settle for less?

RecordsOne is creating positive disruption in the healthcare market — high-value, low-risk & low-cost software solutions. If you need a spreadsheet that spans years to calculate ROI when investing in software, then you are paying too much! With RecordsOne, a dinner napkin will likely suffice for calculating your rapid return.

Not only will the overall expense of using our tools be low, the solutions will be deployed as quickly as your team is able to keep up. We’ve had health systems online in less than 7 weeks, enjoying the platform and seeing ROI in less than 90 days! It’s not too late to be tech-enabled to meet ICD-10 head on! At least not with RecordsOne on your team. It’s time!

You have unique needs — you know it; we know it! RecordsOne believes that in order for you to get the most from any technology, it needs to be customized to your needs. Unlike the ‘big’ HCIT vendors, we don’t fear customization; we encourage it. Customization is what turns a product into a solution… come and get some!
  • Expected Uptime 100%
  • Expected Satisfaction 99%
  • Expected Renewal 98%

Who is RecordsOne…


It is every health care vendor’s responsibility to enable health systems to reduce the cost of care in the US.

We are changing health care one health system at a time, by respecting and valuing our clients, by providing affordable integrated tools for Clinical Documentation & Coding Integrity, and by customizing the tools to meet the needs of our clients and contribute to their success, clinically and financially.


The R1 Platform, our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, delivers integrated solutions at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

RecordsOne changes what is expected through our relentless pursuit of innovative alternatives to solving complex workflow challenges that the ‘big companies’ refuse to build or customize. Products become Solutions when customized to meet the very individualized needs of a particular health system — R1 fills those needs and does so at affordable prices.



RecordsOne addresses the growing and complex needs to improve clinical and financial performance for CDI, Quality, Coding, and coding Audit & compliance. Our integrated Analytics tools provide health systems an aggregated view of their disparate EHR data, to streamline reporting data in near-real-time providing actionable data to effect the business. As the market evolves to a value-based reimbursement model, the combination of clinical, financial and analytical data contained in the R1 Platform will provide unparalleled population health management opportunities.


Our commitment to you is this — if you can get better software elsewhere, you should. ‘Better’ means something different to everyone. To us, ‘better’ means that the software does what you need, more reliably and at a better price than getting it from RecordsOne. What does ‘better’ mean to you?

Our licensing is the fairest you will find anywhere. We offer:

1) A one-year licensing term.
2) 90-day ‘no cause’ termination!
3) Quarterly invoicing, no interest.

Seriously… do you need more than that?

The Team

Our team is stacked with top-tier developers skilled in the development of highly intuitive, highly scalable cloud-based applications. Performance is our strength, and we believe downtime is just unacceptable in healthcare.

Ron Neuenberger, President & CEO

Prior to starting BayScribe in 1999, Ron and Bill created, which was in the top ten most-visited websites in the world, before being acquired by Lycos. If you don’t know about, check this fun link out. Ron and Bill would go on to do some work for Network Solutions before getting back into Clinical Documentation with the formation of BayScribe (now RecordsOne).

Bill Michel, Chief Architect

Before joining Ron and forming, Bill wrote software that guided rockets for NASA. No, not joking. Bill is our very own Rocket Scientist. In addition to developing our highly scalable software architecture that powers the v6 Platform and BayScribe, Bill has developed many of our proprietary tools, like our nSight Formula technology.

Steve Bonney, Executive Vice President

Before leading the transition from BayScribe to RecordsOne, Steve helped to reshape the company’s products, partners and strategies as those of a dictation and transcription solutions provider, to the now best-of-breed data creation and workflow engine — the v6 Platform, which evolved into the R1 Platform. He’s authored some articles for JAHIMA, done some blogging and you may be able to catch him speak from time to time at an AHIMA event.

Amy Czahor, Vice President, Optimization & Analytic Services

Amy joins the team from Sutter Health where she was a member of the HIM shared services transformation team. She was a CDI program manager for 7 acute care campuses, led ICD-10 physician education efforts across the system, designed queries for the system, developed EHR workflows, led regional ICD-10 steering committee, and was a member of the system ICD-10 executive steering committee, the system coding quality and the system sepsis teams. Amy pioneered the integration of quality outcome measures in CDI workflows (mortality, readmissions, HACs & PSIs) via data analytics and refined data processes, without wearing a ‘coon-skin cap!  Isn’t it obvious why she joined the team?


Dean Ganskop, Vice President, Platform Development

Prior to joining the team, Dean was the IT & Solutions Development Director for one of our transcription partners, who ended up selling to MedQuist — oops! Dean has built a young, energetic team of highly skilled programmers, most of which are former students. In his spare time, Dean teaches web application development courses at the Rochester Institute of Technology — but please, don’t call him Professor.

Tom Scholomiti, Sr. Director, nSight Strategy and Implementation

Tom is highly regarded as one of the premier coding resources in the nation, but he won’t admit it. Prior to joining RecordsOne, Tom spent a lifetime at PwC where he was integral in developing the SMART tool. Joining R1, Tom demonstrated just how smart he really is!

Lisa Tritt, Director of Logistics

Prior to joining RecordsOne, Lisa worked with Ron at Signal Transcription, MDI & Transcend for over a decade prior to opening Main Street Transcription Service, LLC in April, 2010.  Lisa, experienced in network configuration and interfaces, keeps her brainiac colleagues in check by focusing on day-to-day operations, policies, procedures, documentation and client support.

Jason Vitz, Director, Integration and Data Handling

Jason has been with R1 for so long now, it’s hard to remember a time without him. He consistently goes above and beyond, taking on the tasks that many others wouldn’t or couldn’t, because of his vast knowledge about the inner workings of the platform.

Brent Smith, Sr. Director, Voice Solutions

Prior to joining BayScribe, Brent was best known for the creation of the ultra-popular Digital Voice for Windows (DVI). Yes, that was Brent’s baby, and many of the tools you loved then are still available right now in BayScribe.

At some point, we hope you will get to meet others on the team…

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