Who is RecordsOne?  

RecordsOne is a developer of technology that aids in the creation and use of clinical documentation to improve efficiency throughout the continuum of care.

In health care today, there is an overarching need to aggregate all patient¬†records into one location to perform proper care management, coding, analytics, etc. Until now, there have been no viable, scalable and affordable solutions…

RecordsOne is that solutions provider.


Real challenges require real solutions.

RecordsOne builds affordable, scalable solutions for the needs of healthcare facilities for today, and tomorrow. We are proactive in creating solutions for the challenges you are facing, and others you will be facing in the next 12-18 months.

When people say, you can’t have all three… affordability, scalability and reliability, they certainly are not referring to RecordsOne.


RecordsOne builds products you need.

The healthcare market needs innovative products at a price that won’t break your budget. So many of the technologies that come to market require massive investments, lengthy and complex deployments, and long-term contracts that the majority of hospitals cannot afford them. We fundamentally disagree; our approach is to make all of our products affordable to every hospital in the nation.¬†

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